【IB PYP Training in Shanghai】IBPYP上海学习之旅——行走在终身学习的路上


In Western International School of Shanghai , a group of passionate learners got together for the IB PYP Workshop.


The IB PYP Workshop provided different training for educators with different ages and stages.


As teachers, we always keep on learning, and during the three-day workshop, we learned a lot through areas that helps us to doubt, to understand , to practice and to reflect.

通过这次的工作坊,老师对IB 的教育理念有新的认识与理解,相信在日后的工作中可以更好的实践在教学中。

Thanks to the IB PYP Workshop, we have a new understanding for IB and gained new teaching ideas and methods to our children in the future.


Seven Star Kindergarten will carry out the IB mission, expand the horizons of our children, and support children by helping them to create their own learning space.We believe that our children will strive for many challenges and possibilities.